Officially moved

March 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm (Random)

OK, so it’s not as exciting as when Bella and Edward moved into their little cabin on the Cullen property, but I have moved to:
Come read, drink with and follow me!  I’m still tweaking and remodeling, but I will continue to post there.  I am currently drinking my way to my next Thirsty Thursday post…

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Moving this weekend

March 6, 2010 at 9:31 am (Random)

Alright, I have decided to be a lemming and make the move to blogger.  It’s actually a lot easier to use, and once I get everything over there, I think I will like it better.  Plus, it will have the added bonus of being in the same system with everyone I follow, which will make it easier for me to keep up with things, I think.  This blog is so new, it won’t be hard to move, so I’d rather do it now than decide later and have more to move.  So please bear with me, and I will let you know the new address when all is set.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

Happy weekending!!!

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Thirsty Thursday!

March 4, 2010 at 4:00 pm (Random)

OK, so I like to drink.  I really like wine and cocktails best, but occasionally a fruity beer or cider might sneak in there.  I also enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, if I have to.  🙂  Here is another attempt at a regular weekly post, this time with recommendations/recipes for your drinking pleasure.

First up: Red Burgundy!

Mmmm... delicious wine

Just in case you didn't believe me...

One of my book club ladies brought this over last month when I hosted, but we didn’t open it because half of our members are pregnant.  So TH and I are drinking it. 🙂

I’ve never had a Red Burgundy before, but I have heard of Beaujolais (on SNL, of course).  This is Beaujolais-Villages, and it’s a French wine.  TH and I usually stick to local (living in the Willamette Valley, one of the best areas for domestic wine, helps), not through any principle but just because it’s easy and familiar and we like it. Our favorite reds tend to be Pinot Noir (the Oregon specialty), Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz (or Syrah).

TH corked me 🙂

I would characterize it as a little weak.  It’s not bad, just not as robust as what we usually drink.  I’m used to a nice, full-bodied red, and this seems kind of thin.  (I’m not a big fan of the trendy wine words unless they truly characterize the flavor of the wine, so I’m just going to go ahead and use whatever words I think best describe it.)  It has a light, almost smokey-berry flavor.  I would think it would pair well with a fish like Salmon or maybe some juicy steak.  Something hearty, for sure – even a stew would be good.  I’m not pairing it with anything at the moment (just drinkin’), but maybe I’ll do a pairing post on an upcoming Thursday or something.  We’ll see how it goes.  All in all, I think you would like it if you don’t like how full other reds are, or if you’re more of a rosé or white wine fan.

Overall: we would drink this again. Or maybe TH is just happy to be drinking in the first place...

This is your friendly reminder to drink responsibly!  I like to drink at home so when I pass out on the floor and TH brings me water to rehydrate and I dump it all over myself and pass out again, I don’t have to wake up and explain to anyone why I’m on their floor and wet.  That’s never not awkward.

Health – what my friends are always drinking to before they fall down. ~Phyllis Diller

Happy it’s-almost-the-weekend!

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Twilight: the movie

March 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm (Twilight) ()

Last Friday, I participated in Twitarded‘s watch-along of the Twilight movie.  I got there late, due to dinner plans, but it was so super fun!  I can’t wait until they do it with New Moon – I’m going to make sure I can be there for the whole thing next time!

I did learn that Snarkier Than You and I have something very important in common – a severe dislike in the movie of deviations from the book.  For me, this actually applies to every movie adaptation ever made (don’t get me started on Contact – I am still livid and it’s been more than a decade), but Twilight is no exception.

I really want this t-shirt

What bugs me most about Twilight (the movie) isn’t necessarily the things they altered, but the things they left out completely (or mostly).  My favorite parts from Twilight (the book) were: the meadow scene (duh – but in its entirety), their first night together, the question sessions, and then little things like when he convinces her she’ll be safe right before the baseball game (hello, nose-running-up-throat action!), when he leaves the note in her truck telling her to Be Safe, and when they banter a little bit (the part at the prom where she asks if he wants her to barricade the door so he and the other Cullens – btw, where are the other Cullens in this scene?? – can feast on the unsuspecting townsfolk, or “breakfast time for the human” or any of those little moments).  None of these made it into the movie.  Why??  I think the plot was done a disservice by leaving them out.  In the movie, I never get that vicarious falling-in-love feeling I get from reading the book, and, yes, I know it’s a different medium and therefore the experience will not be the same, but I just feel that in the movie, the falling-in-love is pushed aside in favor of action.  Do we need the Waylon plot?  Couldn’t we have fleshed out their feelings for each other (no pun intended, honestly) instead of that?

When TH watched the movie, he was baffled.  To be fair, he was just being nice to me by watching it at all (thanks, honey!), but he gave it his full attention and came away with questions.  Questions like, do these two even like each other?  And I don’t think Robsten lacks chemistry – that’s one of the few things KStew has going for her in these movies (more on her another time) – I just think their plot was left out.  In the book, Bella and Edward are playful and sweet, and in the movie they’re all intense (Edward) and twitchy (take a wild guess).  I just don’t feel like they’re falling in love – more like they’re thrown together and put up with it.

The exception here, of course, is the kissing scene.  That scene is HAWT, and although I like the kissing scenes in the book (“No one should look as tempting as you do right now”), and I’m sorry we only really get a taste in the movie, it is a damn good taste.

Be very still...

I have more technical issues, too (costumes, makeup, the fucking ridiculous “sparkle” effect), but I could have let all that go had the plot been respected.  Honestly, I could have.  Instead, it’s a movie I love and hate simultaneously.  I love it because it’s the only one we’re going to get, it’s the characters come to life (pretty much), and it has some good moments (the kiss, the baseball scene, almost anything with Charlie).  I hate it because it’s the only one we’re going to get, Catherine Hardwicke seems to have been a total FAIL (have you listened to the commentary?  She doesn’t even care that it sucks), and because almost all of my favorite book parts are left out.  But it’s what we have, so I embrace it – and that’s what made Twitarded’s movie party so fun: sharing the love/hate with everyone and bonding over it.

So be sure to mark your calendars whenever they schedule their New Moon watching!  I know I’ll be there!!  Oh – and happy March!! Remember Me and the New Moon DVD and Eclipse trailers, oh my!!

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Channeling Pauly Shore

March 1, 2010 at 6:41 pm (Real Life) ()

This’ll be rather brief, since it can’t have any sort of details.  I got chosen to be on a jury in a civil case today.  Remember my drama with jury duty on Friday night?  I was hardly the only one who forgot to return that eligibility form on time, so everything was fine when I went in today, and ultimately I have been empaneled and my service might last through Wednesday (!!) – my boss was none too pleased, but what can you do?  So I spent today listening to testimony and arguments and occasionally daydreaming (when no one was talking, of course) about jury-related fanfic (I just started reading Hiding In Plain Sight by limona), but I still don’t know if I’ll ever get around to writing any.  Although now, at least, I’ll have some experience!

This is what I'm thinking of wearing tomorrow

I didn’t write my television blog last weekend, although I doubt I have a lot of people clamoring for it.  I had nothing to say, and I didn’t want to just write a lame post.  …  Alright, full disclosure, I started to write a lame post and WordPress booted me for no good reason, and I hadn’t saved the draft, so I didn’t want to rewrite a lame post.  You’re welcome.  In this instance, I really think WP had my best interests at heart.

I know this blog isn’t very focused yet, but I’m working on that.  I don’t want it to just be another Twilight blog, partially because I don’t have a whole lot that’s original to say on that subject (although, when I do, you’ll know), and partially because there are so many good ones out there, I’m a little intimidated.  But thanks for reading, and I’ll do my best to keep it interesting!

Coming soon: a regular Thirsty Thursday post. Come back for that!  Happy Monday, kittens!

If I don't post again for a week, you'll know why...

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Why I love Breaking Dawn

February 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm (Twilight) (, )

*Spoiler Alert* They get married and have a baby and live happily ever after.  During all that, other shit also happens.

Phew!  OK, now that you know how it ends…

Breaking Dawn gets a bad rap around here.  I haven’t been a part of the online Twilight community until very recently, and I’ve noticed many of y’all are down on my book.  I don’t know what that’s about, to be honest.  I’ve read some of the complaints, and I understand them, and I’ll even concede a few (Renesmee???  WTF??!  That’s not a name!!!!), but I cannot sympathize at all.  Overall, I love this book.

OK, to begin with, I have this pathological romantic sensibility which leads me to believe a “happy ending” is (get your minds out of the gutter) getting married and having babies.  Yes, I know, how very un-feminist of me.  Let me clarify that this is what constitutes a happy ending for me with regard to my fictional characters.  I understand that not everyone wants to get married and/or have babies, but I did/do, and what a lovely ending for books and movies and shows!  (IMO, anyway.)  So when I started Breaking Dawn, I wanted Bella and Edward to get married and have sex.  OK, but seriously, because Meyer had been dangling it in front of our faces for three books and indicating that she was finally going to give it up in BD, and I stayed up extra-extra late reading to get to the honeymoon and then… fade to FUCKING BLACK???!!!  You whore!!!  You dirty, twat-teasing whore!!!  WHERE IS MY SEX????  (I had not found fan fiction yet, of course, or I would have gone right there to get my smut before I continued with the real book.)  I nearly threw the book across the room.

Aaaanyway, when I started the book, that’s what I wanted for them.  It did not occur to me that they would get pregnant (because, really?), but the more Bella wanted eggs and kept vomiting everywhere and sleeping all the time, I began to suspect that maybe, just maybe, there was going to be a sick, twisted baby story.  I love babies.  I do not love creepy, bloodthirsty, I-will-eat-you-from-the-inside monster babies.  (Who does? Anyone?  Bueller?)  That’s very scary.  I also hate Jacob, so when we took his perspective for a third of the book, I was less than pleased.  Those two aside, I fucking LOVE vampire Bella.  I might have hated how we got there (and I think a lot of that was just shock-value, which I never appreciate), but I love the destination.  VampBella is WAY better than simpering, self-doubting Bella.  It’s like she finds herself as a woman, and that I can totally get behind.  Also, the relationship between Edward and Bella is SOOO much better once they’re equals.  Once she can also take care of him.  It’s nice to be taken care of from time to time, but after awhile you begin to feel like an invalid.  While I think I would have made a wonderful lady of leisure back in the day, I’m sure I also would have been bored out of my fucking skull after awhile, and things would probably have gotten a little Dangerous Liasons just to liven the place up.  So I love the J Jenks storyline, and the shield superpower that allows her to have a little fucking dignity for once.  I also LOVE the last chapter, when she finally lifts her shield and he sees into her head, and then they make mad, passionate love all over the house.  Oh, wait, that last part is just in my head.  I’m sure they kiss chastely.

I could do without Jacob and Renesmee, but that’s kind of also why I love them because they each tie the other one off so neatly, plot-wise.  Go imprint on a creepy-ass newborn, you would-be rapist, that seems fitting.  I can’t wait to see how they play that in the movie without the Megan’s Law people picketing every screening.

I love how Bella figured out Alice’s clues, I LOVED the wedding, ditto the honeymoon location (I wish TH and I could have gone to Isle Esme on ours!), I love that nobody dies (HP broke my heart with the folks JK killed off – although that story definitely grows as it goes, and death is necessary, I still don’t have to like it), and I just basically love that after all you go through in the books, it’s a sticky-sweet ending.  I desperately wanted a sticky-sweet ending.  I was rooting for those two, and I love that they win.

My favorite of the saga is Twilight, followed by Breaking Dawn, then Eclipse, and New Moon last.  I’m sure I’ll write posts about each of the other three as I go along, I just needed to say my piece about this one.  Don’t hate too much on BD, everyone, it has a lot going for it, despite Renescob and the pregnancy from Hell.


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Jury Duty

February 26, 2010 at 10:59 pm (Real Life) ()

I am a total FAIL at jury duty, and I’m not even called until Monday.  I got the day off and arranged everything with my boss, but somehow failed to notice that I was supposed to send in an eligibility form that they needed “no later than a week before your jury duty is scheduled to begin.”  Read: last Monday they needed it.  I still have it.  Total fail.

This just sums up my week.

I don’t know what will happen – I’m worried they’ll make me come back another day and I’ll have to explain all this to my boss.  Since the whole thing makes me look like an idiot, I just can’t wait to have that conversation.  I have no idea what happens if you don’t return the stupid form, the court website is less than helpful on this front, but I can’t be the only person to ever have failed to get them the form on time, right?


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Recommended Reading

February 24, 2010 at 9:28 pm (Random)

Hi kittens, and happy HUMP DAY!  In honor of this, holiest of holy weekly work days, I give to you: porn.

OK, it’s not all porn.  Just the best parts.

I have been reading an ass ton of fan fiction, some recommended by others and some that I stumbled upon.  I thought I would share my lovely finds with y’all, in case you missed any of them.  Following that, I wanted to share with you some of the steamier “Paranormal Romance” that Twilight inspired me to check out (and by “inspired,” I do mean “left me high and dry and searching for porn”).


The List by Laura Cullen

This was my first fanfic love.  It’s canon and starts right after Eclipse ends, and it is a very satisfying alternate story from there.  Hot and sweet and smutty and lovely – I can’t say enough good things about it.  I think it’s only on Twilighted, but they have really good stories over there, and if the good ones keep disappearing from, you might as well be signed up over at Twilighted.  Just saying.

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting

This has been removed from, probably because the server couldn’t handle how fuckawesome it is.  I don’t know – someone reported it, who knows why?  It is SUPER intense, and such a fantastic story, completely human and OOC (of course), I really think if hunterhunting changed the names of the characters, she could publish this shit and get rich.  I don’t know if that’s possible, but I would buy it.  Tattward is HAWT, and I love the damaged characters making each other complete.  This story recently completed, to, so you can read it all in one go, unlike me, who had to wait with bated breath for updates.

Never Sleep in a Strange Man’s Bed by Wndrng Y (Twilighted or

This is another great all-human story, but Edward is a southern gent (with Jasper, of course), which reminds me of Sawyer from Lost, and gets me all happy in my lady places just thinking about it.  It’s not complete, but it’s really good and I hope it updates again soon!  Basically, Alice and Jasper are long-distance lovahs, and she brings Bella to visit him in South Carolina, and Bella sleeps in absent-Edward’s bed, but – uh-oh! – Edward comes home unexpectedly!  Whatever will happen??  Hee hee…

Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon (Twilighted or

OME, if you haven’t read this yet, go now.  Seriously dark, all-human, and really, really good.  Edward is a reclusive CEO and Bella interviews him for a school paper for her friend, Rose.  It starts out with Bella and Rose living in the Portland/Vancouver area, which is where I live, so it was doubly entertaining to me.  Then it got GOOD and I couldn’t have cared less where the Hell they were.  It has really dark themes, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, be warned.  (And if you do like that sort of thing, why are you still here??? GO!  READ!!!)

The University of Edward Masen by SebastienRobichaud (Twilighted and

This one has a mindfuck of a beginning – I didn’t know what the Hell was happening.  But I had heard good things from people, so I stuck with it, and I am glad I did.  This one relies heavily on Dante’s Inferno, so a passing knowledge might be useful, but is not necessary – I think it just adds to one’s enjoyment of the story.  It’s also pretty dark at times, but not as much as Master.  And if you have any student/teacher fantasies, all the better!  This one also has the most surprising alternate love-interest for Bella, of which I heartily approve.

Edward Wallbanger by mmmm_feathers (Twilighted or

This one is just good fun.  I didn’t realize I had gotten to that most recent update, as I was reading on the bus, and I almost went “NO!!” right out loud when there was no more to read – she has us at such a cliffie, I can’t handle it.  Bella and the gang all live in San Francisco, and she has a rather noisy neighbor… not dark at all, just good clean and dirty fun.  No real lemons so far, but a cute kitty and a LOT of flirting and fun.

In that vein:

The Daily Grind by letmesign (Twilighted and

This is my current reading, and I haven’t finished it (it is complete, though), but so far I am completely in love with it.  It’s all-human, and tons of fun.  Bella & Edward meet in a coffee shop where she works and sparks fly.  Of course they do: it’s Bella and Edward!  Good times so far and I don’t foresee any dark themes.  I also haven’t seen Mike or Jacob in it yet, and that’s alright by me.

Real Fiction:

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward – fuckhawt vampires who have hot, messy, sometimes rough sex.  I am a little in love with the Brothers – I won’t tell you which is my favorite so you can decide for yourself.  It’s got its own mythology, which I really like, and the women are STRONG and fabulously written.  J.R.’s Fallen Angels series just started, too, and it is very good, as well (only one book so far, but I’m in for the long haul).  The books (in order): Dark Lover | Lover Eternal | Lover Awakened | Lover Revealed | Lover Unbound | Lover Enshrined | Lover Avenged

The Ghostwalkers series by Christine Feehan – this is an all-human, genetically-enhanced theme, and it’s great.  The women are by all means equals, and I will let you read it to find out what I mean by that exactly.  In order: Shadow Game | Mind Game | Night Game |Conspiracy Game | Deadly Game | Predatory Game | Murder Game | Street Game

The Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian – another group of vampire warriors, another great mythology, jut as engrossing as all the others, and more strong women for them to play with!  In order: Kiss of Midnight | Kiss of Crimson | Midnight Awakening | Midnight Rising | Veil of Midnight | Ashes of Midnight | Shades of Midnight

The Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank – finally, shortest, but by no means lacking, this series has all sorts: vampires, demons, shape-shifters (were-creatures), paranormal things of every type.  And romance, of course.  In order: Jacob | Gideon | Elijah | Damien | Noah

The Nightwalkers and Ghostwalkers have the benefit of not sounding like you’re reading porn (even though you sometimes are), unlike the others. 😉

OK, that should keep you busy for a little.  Let me know what you think if you read any of these, and I will keep devouring whatever strikes my fancy and pass it on if I find anything great!

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Sunday Night: probably the best time for cock, er… caulk

February 21, 2010 at 10:30 pm (Random) (, )

I am currently waiting for Jason the plumber to arrive.  It’s almost 8pm on a Sunday night, which, as anyone could tell you, is absolutely the best time to have a plumbing emergency.

Maybe he'll come fix my leak...

We live in a condo conversion, which is an apartment building that has been converted into condos (which basically just means you can buy them instead of renting, and that they had minor internal cosmetic work done).  I do not recommend this for several reasons, but it was what we could afford when we were buying, and we’ve been here almost four years (this June), and only recently have we begun having problems.  There are ten units, though, and several of the others have had major issues in the last four years since the conversion (we bought directly from the developer), so I think we’ve just been lucky up to this point.

Saturday morning I woke up and found the bathroom rug soaking wet.  I thought maybe TH had spilled a glass of water or something (he got home after I went to bed on Friday), but when he woke up he told me that hadn’t happened.

Imagine a puddle... see the damaged baseboard?

I cleaned it up and went to make coffee, where I found another strange wet mess on the kitchen counter, against the wall that backs up to the bathroom – this mess seemed to have come from above, from behind the cabinets, so I cleaned that up, too, and figured I as just having a strange day.  I looked for water damage and couldn’t find any.  After I took a shower, the kitchen mess seemed to start coming back (just a tiny shadow), so we thought it must have something to do with the shower.  After inspecting, we noticed the caulk around the bathtub that meets up to the shower walls (all fiberglass, I believe) was all cracked and that there seemed to be water behind it, so we figured we would just recaulk and that would solve our problems.

Is it just me, or does this look dirty?

[Side note: when we woke up this morning, I was laying there brainstorming about some fan fiction I intend to write, actually plotting out some lemons in my head, and TH turned to me and said, “Well, I’d better get up and grab my caulk.”  This took me awhile to figure out, since I was thinking about his cock (even before he mentioned it), and turned out to be a joke he had been planning since the previous night.  I love my husband. :-)]

This morning, we headed out to Home Depot and got some silicone caulk and a caulking gun (I almost just wrote “a gun,” and then thought better of it :-)), and resolved to recaulk this evening (TH had a matinee today, so he had to head out shortly after the Home Depot trip).  A friend of ours then called and invited TH to a basketball game this evening, which I encouraged him to accept, since he rarely gets a chance to go to games and he always wants to.  So, since he was going to be gone, I got all grrl-power and decided to recaulk myself.

I like that this post is starting to sound as though I caused the problem that necessitated the soon-to-arrive plumber.  That’s not the case.  It was actually all thanks to my mad detective skillz.

So, first step, ladies?  You know this one: I read the instructions on the caulk.  I’ve never caulked before (there is a homonym with which I am very familiar, of course – see above side note), so the instructions were quite important to me.  The first thing they say to do is to clean the area to be caulked and make sure it’s dry.  Great, I can do that.  So I took my roll of paper towels (I know they’re bad, I’m more lazy than I am environmentally conscious these days), and went to sop up the water.  I went through an ass ton of them before I realized the water was running from somewhere.  Somewhere, seemingly, in the wall.  Shit.  This was worse than we had expected.  TH came home between matinee and game, and I explained the situation to him.  He inspected, got his tools (you know how men are), removed the faucet handle, and found a small, spurting leak in the shower wall.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  Then he had to leave for the game.  So I called a plumber, and here we are.

The best pic I could get. Makes you wet, and not in a good way.

The towel TH stuffed in to help until the plumber arrived. It was absolutely saturated by the time Jason got here.

The plumber, Jason, just arrived and is outside shutting off water to the building right now (we don’t have individual shut-offs, so I get to inconvenience everyone.  It’s super).  My initial quote is about $600, but he might need to cut through the sheet rock (which he doesn’t replace, by the way, so if he has to cut through it, we will then have a big hole in the wall until we can fix it or get it fixed some other day), and if he has to do that, the price will change (I assume it goes UP).

Breaking news (pun intended): Jason is currently cutting through the sheet rock.  I just helped him move stuff out of the way.  I’m getting out the Mastercard.

"There's a place in France, where the naked ladies dance..."

This fucking sucks, y’all.  TH just got paid for his show today (since it is now closed), the check is on the fucking counter right now, and I really thought we would be able to use the money to pay for trips this summer (one of my cousins is getting married in California this August, it will be my 30th birthday in July, and, of course, FOOOOORRRKKKSS in October), and it looks like the plumber will cost basically exactly what TH got paid.  Which: I’m glad we have the money to cover it, don’t get me wrong, this is necessary and an emergency and all; but: FUUHUHUHUUUUUCK!  I just want something to go our way for once!  I know we’re really lucky, I know there are folks worse off than us, but godDAMmit!  Fuck the Hell off, Universe!  Go pick on other people!  How about those bitches at work who think they’re better than everyone else, or how about fucking Spencer and Heidi from The Hills??!  Huh?  Go pick on them!  They’re assholes!  We are nice people!  Despite how much I’m swearing in this post and wishing ill on others!

*Le sigh*

TH says (by e-mail from the Blazer game) that it’s good we found the leak now, and he’s right, of course.  It would undoubtedly be worse (and more expensive) if the damage had continued, unfettered, in our wall.  And I should probably think of it as a good thing that we got the money today that will cover the expense, and that I have room on the Mastercard (even after paying for my Forks room) to pay tonight so we don’t have to use the bank account immediately, and that my student loans are still in forbearance (from when TH’s unemployment benefits ran out – I still have about 3 months of forbearance I can do on one, and 6-9 months on the other), and that we have a roof over our heads and food to eat.


OK, ladies, Jason just left (it is now 3 hours since I began this post).  It cost about as much as the original quote, so that’s good.  However, my bathroom is in a state, and I’m exhausted.

That cabinet used to be on the wall where we now have the hole. Upgrade!

The faucet:



Wet sheet rock:

Tasty! It feels damp to the touch, like my underroos after reading Master of the Universe... only this wasn't as fun

The reason for the leak?  Two pipes were not soldered together at their joining, one was just stuck into the other and, I guess, held together by a wish and a prayer?  This place is a dump.

What the pipe should look like...

...but, instead... slips right out.

But it’s our dump.

So, plumbing.  What an adventure.  Fail.

On a MUCH happier note, I had 12 hits today!  That’s the most ever!!  Hi, everyone!  Or whoever you are who came back 12 times!  And I got comments (thanks TC and Lisa) from other bloggers I follow, which was SUPER exciting!  And now I have pipes that work, if not a solid wall behind my shower.  You can’t have everything.

Have  great week, everyone.  I wish good plumbing unto you, in every sense of the word.

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My Stories This Week

February 20, 2010 at 2:06 pm (Random) (, )

I freaking love tv.  I think I could watch it all day, except that most days not much is on, so I’d have to DVR all my shows (as I do) and then watch the tapes, or find a marathon of something good and watch that… but I think I could do it.  I’d at least be willing to give it a shot. 😉

So I thought on the weekends I’d do sort of a recap/editorial about my shows (shows I watch, or My Stories, if you watch The Soup), because, well, why not?  It’s my blog.  So that’s what’s happening.  I probably won’t do the same shows each week, because there’s not always a lot to say, so we’ll see how it goes on that front.  I’ll put the titles before my discussion of each program so you can skip it if you haven’t watched it yet, because otherwise there will be spoilers for you.  Keep in mind these are just my opinions on what happened on the show, and are not informed by anything except what I’ve watched myself or read in Entertainment Weekly or online.  I am no expert and not affiliated with any shows.



Let’s start with the best one.  Oh my fuck, do I love Lost.  This season so far is shaping up to be the best yet!  This last episode, with the revelation of the Numbers, was so satisfying, and not just because of the prevalence of Sawyer (yum).


Although he is one of my favorite characters (pretty and sassy, just how I like my tv bad boys).  There was also the notable absence of Kate (thank GOD), and the side story about AU-Locke, which I really liked. I think it’s interesting where they’re going with this show – the alternate universe/parallel story thing, but also the idea that although these characters in AU weren’t (presumably) manipulated by Jacob into getting on flight 815 so they’d crash into the island, they all (except Shannon) ended up on the flight anyway, and in the same position in many cases (Jack with dead Dad, paraplegic Locke, fugitive Kate, pregnant Claire, and lottery-winning Hugo).  If Faux-Locke is right, and Jacob interfering in the candidates’ lives made it so all of their decisions led to them being on that flight, then did he interfere even in AU?  Or is it destiny that they were on that flight, and his interference just had to do with choices leading up to that destined event and personality differences, etc?  They could really go many ways with this.

I’m also looking forward to the battle of good v. evil, because I’m beginning to suspect that Jacob was the force of evil, while Man-in-Black (now faux-Locke) is a force of good, trapped on the island by evil, manipulative Jacob.  I think the white/black rocks and clothing choices are a red herring, leading us to the assumption that white=good.  I wouldn’t put it past this show.

I made TH rewatch parts of this week’s episode with me this morning (which he never minds doing, I think he’s more obsessed with this show than I am), and we paused the DVR during the parts when they show the inside of the cave with all the names.  I definitely saw Littleton on the wall, which is Claire’s last name, and it had been crossed out.  Here are some photos I found here:

Between Sawyer's head and his torch flame...

...and above his head here

So she was a candidate and is one no longer.  Because she’s “infected,” maybe??? Because now she’s a wild jungle woman?  I love Claire, so I’m glad she’s back and I’m glad she was a candidate (and it kinda makes sense since she’s related to Jack and he‘s a candidate – which, incidentally: BOO), unless Jacob is evil (as I suspect) and being a candidate is bad, in which case: good job, Claire! 😀

And I can’t tell you how glad I am that it doesn’t seem like stupid Kate is on the wall.  I’m sure she’ll go cry about it when she finds out.  I hope Claire shoots her.

I’m really satisfied with the way they explained the Numbers, that they relate to people, and if the show doesn’t go any further with that, I think I’m okay.

Who the Hell is the kid in this week’s episode??  I’ve heard speculation that it’s Aaron (I can’t make this theory work for me), that it’s young Locke (again, just don’t see it), that it’s the first person MIB/FL killed (since I’m thinking he’s the good guy, this seems unlikely)… so here’s my theory.  I think the kid is the referee in the battle of good v. evil that we learned on last season’s finale is the purpose of Jacob & MIB’s mutual imprisonment on the island.  (Sidenote: this is the other reason I believe Jacob=evil – he seemed content and unsympathetic to MIB in the season finale.  Heartless, almost.)  It reminds me of the stories of Job or Faust, where God and the Devil battle to see who’s right.  Well, I think the kid is an ambivalent force – call him the scale in the cave that the rocks were on.  I don’t know why he took the shape of that kid – he sure looked like he could be related to Claire, though.

I can’t wait for next week.  I hear it centers on Hurley.  (Squee!!)


I just watched this in the morning.  I love James. It’s kind of inexplicable, because he’s a real ass at times, and not a little misogynistic, and kind of a bully (why isn’t he a villain, again?), but I find him charming for some reason.  Probably because he’s on tv and I don’t have to put up with his crap in RL.  He’s also a fucking hulk, so I would be scared of him in RL.  But on tv, I love him.  I also kind of love Tyson, who is a total douche, but said some hilarious things on Tocantins, and I hope he brings the funny again this time.  I think I would hate him in RL, but who cares?

The whole thing with Boston Rob was weird – he has the flu?  He didn’t seem like he had the flu.  Maybe a stomach flu?  I don’t get it.  And why are the medics on this show always Australian?  Seriously, every time they bring in a medic, every season, they have Australian accents.  And they always seem like different medics than the last time you saw one, so what is that about?  Are the Australians better with ad-hoc jungle medicine?  It’s a mystery.

I hope Li’l Russell starts finding some hidden immunity idols like last season – I don’t like that guy much, but his ability to sniff out idols is unparalleled and awesome.

Project Runway

Hey, Heidi?  Tim?  Let’s never have a children’s challenge again, mmmkay?  And maybe you could put the choosing of the models back into the regular show, because those girls just aren’t interesting enough to have their own show, even if it is a half hour.  Megan bonding with an 8-year-old over their common interests (which seemed to consist mainly of different hairstyles)?  Wake me when it’s over, and thank God that girl went home this week.  I resent having to watch the Models show just to find out who everyone picks.  I guess I don’t “have to,” you’re right, but shut up and just put it back how it was on Bravo.

The Bachelor

I’m done with you this season.  This will be the only post I give you.  Vienna?  Seriously?  Ali was the girl for Jake and you let Facebook take her away.  And then tried to trick me into thinking she was coming back on this week’s episode, which was a big fat lie, and you knew it.  Who are my final three?  Tenley, who seems very sweet but has a voice that would drive me to homicide; Gia, who is hot but has the personality of a dishrag; and Vienna, who, well, I refuse to even go there.  What redeeming qualities does this girl have?  On the show, I saw none.  Jake keeps saying how hot she is – you can keep telling me that, Jake, you can’t speak it into being truth, though.  So, enough of you.  I didn’t even finish watching the episode after it became clear your promos had lied to me.  AGAIN.

American Idol

Thank Christ we’re at the top 24 finally.  My favorites so far (who made it this far):

Didi Benami – the waitress

Crystal Bowersox – the single mom with a cute-as-a-button son and a great voice

Michael Lynche – the brand-new Dad

Andrew Garcia – the guy with the neck tattoo

Andrew’s version of Straight Up was aaahh-mazing!

Last, but certainly not least:

The Office

I miss you.  Come back, have the baby.  I need you in my life!

Seriously, I watch every rerun I can find, and Tuesdays are the best days because not only are Lost and American Idol on, but TBS runs The Office reruns from the time I get home (5pm) until American Idol starts (8pm).  I am an addict.  I haven’t loved a comedy this much since Friends (which I also still watch a lot of).

This has been your first weekly diary of a tv addict.  Hopefully, I’ll be caught up on my other shows next week and can discuss 24 and How I Met Your Mother.  Happy viewing!

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